Pat White is a Kansas City based layer that represents clients throughout the Kansas City Metropolitan Area in a variety of legal fields. It is his philosophy that a lawyer’s job is to represent his or her client effectively in any given situation. As lawyers, clients come to us with a problem. It is our job to solve that problem.

If you are viewing this site in search of a lawyer, it is very likely that you have a problem. You are probably searching for a lawyer who will fight for you and your interest effectively,
enthusiastically, and for a reasonable fee. With Pat White you will find all of the above, plus:

1) A lawyer you can comfortably entrust with very serious and important matters in your life
2) A lawyer you can count on and who is only a phone call away
3) A lawyer who will communicate honestly and candidly with you regarding every aspect of your case.

I understand that earning your trust through a website is impossible. However I love what I do and am
passionate about every case I take.

Please call me to set up an initial consultation. I care about my clients, their cases, and their outcomes.



    Personal Injury
    • Automobile Accidents
    • Medical Negligence
    • Premises Liability/ Slip and Fall
    • Defective Products

    Criminal Defense
    • White Collar Crimes
    • Other Major Crimes
    • DUI/DWI

    Family Law
    • Dissolution of Marriage/ Divorce
    • Parental Rights

    Employment Discrimination
    • Sexual Harassment
    • Whistleblower Protection
    • Wrongful Termination


“In matters of truth and justice, there is no difference between large and small problems, for issues concerning the treatment of people are all the same.”
- Albert Einstein