Below are some resources we often use and you may find helpful.

The Missouri Government website,, is a great tool that we use everyday. If you click on the “Litigant Name Search” icon, it directs you to an area where you can search any name and if there are any cases in which that person is a party, they will be listed. If you click on the case number from the list, you will then have access to all the information about the case. The best part about this site is that you do not have to create an account and it is free.

At you will find a tool similar to above mentioned case net, but it is limited to Johnson County, Kansas.

At, you will find what we believe to be the best resource for Constitutional Law. From the 1st Amendment to the history of our nation’s founders, this site has it all. This site was created by Doug Linder, a professor at the University of Missouri- Kansas City School of Law. This was our attorney, Ryan White’s Constitutional Law professor in law school.

At, you will find the latest news from the highest court in the land.

At, you will find links to the rules set out by the Missouri Supreme Court that all lawyers and judges in the State of Missouri must abide by.

At, you will find links to rules as well as forms often used by lawyers practicing in Kansas.






    Personal Injury
    • Automobile Accidents
    • Medical Negligence
    • Premises Liability/ Slip and Fall
    • Defective Products

    Criminal Defense
    • White Collar Crimes
    • Other Major Crimes
    • DUI/DWI

    Family Law
    • Dissolution of Marriage/ Divorce
    • Parental Rights

    Employment Discrimination
    • Sexual Harassment
    • Whistleblower Protection
    • Wrongful Termination